Our vision

Support projects

Diasporas, sensitive to economic growth and technological development, are looking for ways and means to financially support innovative projects in the countries

Mobilize the diaspora

FIATOPE INVEST is a space where members of the diaspora can have an impact on their countries of origin by investing in serious and innovative projects

Have a global investment

With the experience of crowdfunding by donations operated with FIATOPE, we mobilize the savings of people on the North side, to invest locally in willing companies.

Where we come from

Orbit Africa is an association made up of members of the African diaspora. Its main mission is the economic and technonological influence of Africa. Orbit Africa today is 3 online platforms:

Why trust us?


At Fiatope, we respect our confidentiality commitments. Your payment information and contributions are secure. Our local partner is responsible for handing over to the project leader via a transparent process, the collection of Fiatopers.


You have the assurance that your donations will be received by the beneficiary project leader. Indeed, the Banque de France strictly supervises the activity of holding funds on behalf of third parties and guarantees the destination of the funds through the authorization it gives to our payment intermediary and the legal obligations of Fiatope.


Fiatope is a responsible company. We work with partners approved by the French and international administrative and financial authorities. We make every effort to ensure the security of your information and the funds you entrust to us for third parties.